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2014년 6월 12일 목요일

[SARANAIL] Blue Marine Gel Nail for Summer

Blue Marine Gel Nail
I have a lot of blue and white clothes in my closet, and
I think there's nothing better to wear than blue & white stripped shirts in summer!
Blue & white gives a cool feeling, doesn't it?

Therefore, I will introduce you Blue Marine Gel Nail Art for your summer!
I used blue and white Honeypot gel nails for this nail art.

Blue Marine gel nail art preparation:
1. Honeypot Base Gel
2. Honeypot HB02 Love Letter
3. HB12 August Rush
4. Honeypot Top Gel
5. Saracen "sail" nail art part
6. Saracen "sea shell" nail art part

Neon gel nail that I posted couple of days ago was Honeypot product,
and I also used Honeypot products for Blue Marine Gel Nail Art too :)
I heard that Honeypot gel nail colors are really popular. 

I used sail and sea shell nail art parts to remind you of the beach!
Sea shell nail art part was very popular last summer.
It was even introduced in a Japanese magazine!
It's summer, and I MUST use these nail art parts :D
They're so pretty.

Finished Blue Marine nail art with Honeypot gel colors and parts!
White and blue match so well together.

NOTE: There's no yellow color phenomenon for Honeypot white color.
White nail polish colors need to be white just like milk, but 
some brands' white colors turn ivory sometimes.
However, Honeypot gel nail white colors doesn't do that!
I strongly recommend Honeypot gel nail white color.

I added gorgeousness to these nails by attaching nail art parts.
Swarovski ab, sky blue swarovski, cool sea shell nail art parts, and silver brion
I used these 4 parts.
I think it looks much gorgeous when I put these nail parts on.

I put on the top coat 2 times, but if you want the colors to be shinier,
you may put on the top coat 3 times.

Finish the nail art with Honeypot top gel.
There's a huge difference between no top gel and top gel!!!

Why not try Blue Marine Gel Nail Art and enjoy your summer? :D

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