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2013년 10월 23일 수요일

PINK NAIL POLISH, Pink nail art to be beautiful and cute

 Pink nail art
Inspired by my pink nail art 3 weeks ago, I painted my nails lovely pink color and wanted a little extra deco parts as accent nails(flowers and a ribbon)The colors are admittedly brand- new, and some of my favorites really, and I’m loving the polish effect. I kind of wish I did it to every nail! 
Pink nail art
Pink nail art
 It’s funny how the pink appears in different lights.  This photo was taken with natural light. 
Pink nail art
 How about the flowers? you like them? :D
Pink nail art
 I elaborated on the lovely pink nail art before. And today, as I mentioned, I've written another pictures for you guys. Enjoy! and Good day! :D 


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