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2013년 10월 8일 화요일

Autumn Leaves Nail Art, LEAF nail tutorials

Autumn Leaves Nail Art
Hi dolls! I've got highly requested to create a Korean fall look! So, I felt inspired to make  fall leaves nail looks in a Korean way. Because... it's officially autumn!! The weather's getting colder, the heavy jackets are out, and the leaves are changing color.
So.... I thought I would do a Autumn leaves nail tutorial that reflects them. :) 
Autumn Leaves Nail Art
Paint your nails with black and beige. (After a basecoat)
Autumn Leaves Nail Art
This is leaves nail water decals 
Autumn Leaves Nail Art
Let your nails dry completely and put the decals on them. :D 
Autumn Leaves Nail Art
You can also apply some gorgeous pearls on them as well 
Finally, cover with a top coat! actually I've tried drawing on some leaves shapes using a toothpick but, if you want to do it, let's give it a go!!! 


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