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2013년 10월 7일 월요일

Purple nail polish, gorgeous purple nail lacquer

 with the current Korean autumn in full force, it seemed like the perfect time to blog about my third attempt at some purple nail polish. Not an easy nail art to pull off, but with the right tools I'm pretty sure anyone can do it. :D    
Before I get started, let me just take a look at this gorgeous nail polish with Hollywood girl nail lacquer. And I served as my base for this nail art.  
add 3 coats of this purple nail polish, or you can coat your favorite purple nail polish in any color. :D 
 After the base is completely dry, then let's give it a go! 
That's it! I love the way my purple nails turned out! next time you go out, get together with your friends and do their nails with these super easy nails! 
What do you think of this purple nail polish? Wanna plan to give it a go? 


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