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2013년 10월 18일 금요일

PUMPKIN NAIL ART for Halloween, Korean Pumpkins Nail Designs

▲ Saranail Halloween Nail Art 
Halloween is perhaps the only festival that celebrates spookiness, and where the scarier you dress, the better you look.  Adults and children alike, get costumes of the pumpkin, witches and the wizards, the Dracula and Frankenstein. Apart from getting the right ensemble, it is also important to apply the right kind of makeup and dress your nails in order to get into the right mood!
A week ago from the last post, I have another Halloween nail design for you guys :)
I have here some great nail art ideas, which are sure to get you noticed anywhere and everywhere! 
Halloween Nail art ideas
Since spooky and macabre are the themes of this nail art, all nail art designs which fall under this theme are great. In most cases, paint your nails a base coat of the color you desire, then using the colors that you want, draw up the motifs.
(I've got an idea from the Korean pumpkins :D)
Korean pumpkins on Halloween Days
Korean pumpkins on Halloween Days 


I thought I would share this with you because it is truly amazing. I don't know how much candy I would be able to eat with these nails though! 
I will be uploading another Halloween nail art design when I have an nail idea for this. Make sure to keep an eye on my blog :)
Hope you like it...:D

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