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2013년 10월 11일 금요일

Simple Korean stars glitter nail art, pretty gel pastel nail tutorial

Do simple star glitter nail art following step by step tutorial on how to create them!Korean star glitter nail art
I was really excited to do this star glitter nails because they are so attractive and pretty in doing them. There's no right or wrong! So bearing that in mind, this is more just "guidelines" than a tutorial because there is a million and one way to this style of nails, I think? 
Simple star glitter nail art
 Are you guys ready to follow a step by step tutorial of this pretty star glitter? then here is how! :D
Simple star glitter nail art
 In this tutorial, I used a series of "Honey Pot" made in Korea for top gel, and gel polish as well. :D
star glitter nail art
 Well, start with a base coat of what you wanna paint with one coat, but remember to lightly paint it on your nails!  
star glitter nail art
 With a bit more star glitters  
star glitter nail art
 And these are silver stones :D 
star glitter nail art
 Ta-da! To do this, just dab top coat onto your nails and use a toothpick to put.  
Korean star glitter nail art
Once you've finished, finish off with a top coat or two. This will help your Korean star glitter nails to last and give them great sunshine! :D


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