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2013년 10월 4일 금요일

Pink rabbit nail art, cut bunny nail tutorial(video)

Let's share cute bunny nail arts with a simple step by step tutorial!! 

Hello♥  Nail lovers! How's your weekend? 
Mine was pretty well. Over the weekend I tried out a cute bunny nail art and absolutely love it. 
cut bunny nail tutorial
 It might look a bit difficult to create but was actually quite simple. 
cut bunny nail tutorial
Bunny's trying to say, hello~? 
Today I'm going to show you step by step how to create a cute bunny nail. 
cut bunny nail tutorial
1. First off apply a base coat to all nails, want until dry. And apply White(2 coats)
cut bunny nail tutorial
 2. Use pink and create a circle to show the bunny shape and ears 
cut bunny nail tutorial
With a dotting tool, make a smaller circle in the pink
cut bunny nail tutorial
 Use a dotting tool to show its mouth with black and nose with red 
 Draw white stitch lines along with the bunny shapes  
cut bunny nail tutorial
 Then lastly, dot red in a nose again. They're just getting so so so so adorable!!   
cut bunny nail tutorial
 Voilla! The bunny's done! 
Would you try this? What do you think of this nail art? Let me know! 
I hope you enjoyed my bunny nail tutorial!


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