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2013년 10월 31일 목요일

EASY Leopard Nail Art, Leopard Nail Tutorial

EASY Leopard Nail Art

Hey Lovelies! For today's look I started out with leopard nail art
Do you wanna know how to make the nail art? Then let's do easy to follow this nail art with SaraNail Youtube Video and pictures! :D

Leopard Nail Tutorial
 1) I start by prepping my nail as usual (I buff and apply a basecoat) 
Do cure your nail for 30 secs
Leopard Nail Tutorial
  2) Apply light orange (but, don't cure your nails this time) 
Leopard Nail Tutorial
 using your nail art pen, draw lines to make the rough leopard patterns one by one. 
Leopard Nail Tutorial
like this. :D 
Leopard Nail Tutorial
Again, using your nail art pen, draw a rough C shape around the beige color.
(brown or black color)
And don't make your line too smooth and don't draw a full circle around the color.   
 In any spaces you've got left, add in a few more little C shapes or just some dots.
Apply a layer of your favorite topcoat and you're done!  

EASY Leopard Nail Art

EASY Leopard Nail Art
Here are some examples of how to do your leopard nail art!  Hopefully you realize that this is as easy as the leopard nails can get! Try them this very weekend with this youtube video!
Happy Nail Arting Girls ;)
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  1. hi there sara. i was just curious where i can buy one of those...that thing that is holding the nail tip.


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