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2013년 10월 21일 월요일

Floral Nail Art During Autumn Season in Korea, Korean Flower nail art with Saranail

let's see a series of Korean flower nail arts during the fall season :D

Hello, lovelies? 
did you have a good weekend? a few ago, I got a cold during the weekend.
And I had to slept all days on the bed :( 
Please take care of yourself not to get the flue (It's so strong in Korea)
Today, I made a series of Korean flower nail art to keep up with the fall nail trend :) 
Maybe, it's so cute and beautiful that everyone who loves Korean nails like to see them! 
Take a simple look at them! :D 
Korean flower nail arts
 Apply flower shapes with deco parts 
Korean flower nail arts
 I designed all nails with white to feel luxurious and elegant 
Korean flower nail arts
This is my favorite color, Pink! haha :D  I love love floral nails, I didn't realize how awesome they would turn out until I finished them. I was worried about this pinky one as suddenly my nail broke while applying, but it turned out fine as well <3
Korean flower nail arts
 Well, I have no idea of what it's better to be called
Korean flower nail arts
This one is as well, do you have any idea?
let me know what is your floral nail art?  
hope you like it..:D

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