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2014년 9월 18일 목요일

[Sara Nail] Let's use the humidifier

Let's use the humidifier
Autumn is almost here, and we need to be moisturized before it gets cold!

Here are some tips to use the humidifier.
1. Use humidifier in a spacious place, rather than small space.
2. After use, ventilate the room.
3. Throw away the water every day.
4. Clean the holes with soft cotton.
5. Boil tab water and cool it. Use that water in the humidifier.

"Cleanliness" is the most important thing when using humidifier.
Throw away the water every day, and clean the humidifier once every two days.
Place the humidifier at least 2m away from you.
Don't use the humidifier for a long time, but use it only for 30 minutes.

There are some things that may replace the humidifier.

1. Place wet clothing or towel in your room.
2. Place rose herb and other plants.

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