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2014년 9월 12일 금요일

[Sara Nail] Beautiful nail art using water decal and stones

Beautiful nail art using water decal and stones
Let's get started for today's lesson!
Hm... what should I call this nail art?
I can't think of the name of it!
Anyways, let's start!

Cover your nail with dark chocolate color.

This is water decal sticker.
You can cut off the shape you want.

Water decal instructions
1. Put top gel on, cure, cleanse it.
2. Cut off the shape you want and put it in the water for 1 min.
3. Separate the decal and put it on your nail.
4. Put top gel on, cure for 30 sec. ~ 1 min. (LED) or 1~3 min. (UV).
5. Cleanse.

Put the decal sticker in the water for 5~10 seconds.
Put it on your hand.

Put studs on after you put top gel & base.
And then, cure.

Get the stones ready!

Put the shape you want.

I'm putting any shape I want because it's MY self nail art!

Put ribbon stone on.
It will make your nails more luxurious.


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