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2014년 9월 5일 금요일

[Sara Nail] Taking care of your nails

Take care of your fingernails!

1. Cut your nails adjusting to the shape of your nails.

One of the basics to make your fingernails healthy is to cut your nails regularly. Don't cut your nails too often, but cut it when it's long enough to cut. Trim it to match your fingernail shape. Don't cut it too short, but leave about 1~2mm. You can also remove your cuticles along with your nails.

2. Transparent nail polish to protect your nails
Do you use transparent manicure when you care your nails? Not many people do this. However, putting transparent nail polish on your hand really protects your nail.

3. Use various tools to take care of your nails
Use nail files to shape your nails and nail patches can make your fingernails healthy.

4. Putting handcream on hands and fingernails.
If the fingernails are not healthy, it cracks and breaks. Loss of nutrients on the nails make these effects. To prevent this, put handcream on your hands and fingernails to provide moisture and nutrients.

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