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2014년 9월 26일 금요일

[Sara Nail] Chanel Nail Art with Quilting Bag

Chanel Nail Art with Quilting Back

Honey Pot Gel Polish HG05 Splash / HG Body Guard
HB01 Dark Nights /  HB Love Letter
Disel Brush Cleanser / Embojel(black) / Embojel brush
Liquid ball /  pallette
The Saracen Heart stones / The Saracen Balls / nail deco set / stone pusher

Prepare a nail tip.

Cover it with foil. Try not to make wrinkles.

Put the brush cleanser on the liquid ball. Put cleanser on the tip of embojel brush.

Scoop embo jel.

Make the brush tip diagonally.
You can also use wood sticks.

It looks like quilting bag right?

Cover the corners with these dots.

Cover the corners like this!

Finish the nail art with top gel.

Chanel water decal stickers.

You can use the stickers or stones.

Not very difficult, right?

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