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2014년 9월 17일 수요일

[Sara Nail] Bad Girl Style Nail Art

 Bad Girl Style Nail Art

Let's get started.

<Bad Girl>
1. Put base coat on.

2. Put aurora silver on one time.

3. Draw 2 black lines.

4. Dry it, then put it on again.

5. With art pen, draw triangular shapes.

6. Fill in the triangles.

7. Put on matt top.

8. Complete

1. Put base coat on. Put white color twice.
2. Draw black margin.
3. Dry it, then draw black margin again.

4. Put a little bit of glue on.
5. Put small studs on with pinset.
6. Put matt top on.

7. Put glue on the middle.
8. Put skeleton stone on.
9. Complete

Gift: Skeleton Stone (Gold)

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