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2014년 9월 25일 목요일

[Sara Nail] Dry decal stickers

Dry decals for your nail art

These are Sara Nail's newly released dry decal stickers.
Here are the instructions.

<For Gel Nail>
1. Put top gel on, cure, then cleanse.
2. Cut off the shape you want and remove the back.
3. Push it down.

4. Put top gel on, cure.
5. Cleanse.
6. Complete

<For Polish Manicure>
1. Put the polish on twice. Dry it.
2. Cut off the shape you want.
3. Remove the back.

4. Push it down.
5. Put top coat on.
6. Complete

Dry decals doesn't need water to be sticked.
It can be used with nail polish, UV gel, air brush, acryl, etc.

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  1. Hi Saracen! ^^ Are these dry decal available in Sara Nail shop in Seoul? I will visit in November and want to shop at Sara Nail. Thank you!

    1. Yes! These dry decals are available in Seoul! :)


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