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2014년 9월 11일 목요일

[Sara Nail] The Saracen Self Nail Art - Rose Nail Art

Rose Nail Art
Today, I'll introduce you beautiful white rose nail art!
Let's get started.

When we think of roses, most of us think about red roses.
However, today, I'm going to show you white roses.

Get ovaltip ready.

Put clear gel at the tip of the nail and dry it.

Put glitters.

Put clear gel on top of it.
Remove cure tips.

File the sides. Make round shape.

Finish it with top gel.

We're going to draw Tarashikomi with acryl paint.

Mix water and white acryl paint.
Draw L shape.

Remove water from the brush.
When you put the brush on the darker part, brush absorbs the water and
only the borders remain.

Repeat this process many times.

This is not done! There are more steps!
Put lettering stickers and top gel.

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