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2014년 9월 19일 금요일

[Sara Nail] Lovely nail art with flower and ribbon stone

Lovely nail art with flower and ribbon stone
Love self nail art!

I made lovely feeling to this nail art with ribbons, flowers and stickers!

Let's get started.

Geltory Rapsody in Blue (Blue)
Honey Pot HP10 Classic (Light Violet)
Honey Pot HB02 Love Letter (White color)
Beaunix clear gel
Pinset/design sticker/flower stone/ribbon stone/tina pudding get (adhesive glue)

These are the tools needed.

Color the nail with honey pot white color.

Using gradation sponge, mix geltory  blue and violet.

Color it 2 times, and cure.
Don't forget to cleanse the nails.

We're going to use these stickers.

Put many flowers on the nail. Use different shapes.

I'm going to add loveliness to the nail with these stones.

Use a pinset.

3D flower stones!

Put ribbon stones also.


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