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2014년 6월 10일 화요일

[SARANAIL] Neon ribbon self gel nail art



Honeypot neon gel nail

Today, I will introduce Honeypot gel nail season2.
It is very polish and shiny!
Especially good for summer season :D
Try this neon nail for this summer!
I've done this nail with
1. honeypot base gel
2. HB02 loveletter (white)
3. HF03 melody time (neon orange)
4. HF02 corel line (neon yellow)
5. honeypot top gel

base gel, Love Letter, Melody Time, Corel line, Top gel 
It has really bright color.
Just perfect to nail yourself easly

I just put 'gel polish' on 'obal tip'
Must have nail for summer. Isn't it?
I though it migh be bit childish but look,
you know how I'm addicted this nail already? :D

We also have neon nail accessory !
Such a wonderful harmony with neon nail gel.
I love this combo.

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댓글 2개:

  1. This nail art is great for summer! Super cute!!

    Saranail, do you know when we can purchase products from you on eBay? Thank you!! ^^

    1. Hello Suteisi! Now you can buy on ebay!


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