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2014년 6월 20일 금요일

[SARA NAIL] Metal Gel Nail Art for Summer

Metal Gel Nail Art for Summer

Metal Gel Nail Art used products

1. Honey Pot 2 base gel
2. AI Metallic gel polish MT013 (silver)
3. Shinby top gel for metal nail polish
4. Memory gelwear polish gel 150
5. Honey Pot HB02 Love Letter
6. Beaunix clear gel
7. Honey Pot 2 top gel
8. LET-001 Hotep Yoko film nail sticker
9. Swarovski dorado stone #7, 12, and 16
10. Honey Pot circle neon color glitter

These are Honey Pot circle glitters.
The case actually changed from circle case to pentagon shaped case!
Package also has upgraded too. :D

Metal color can look a little heavy, so I'm going to put these stickers on.

This is a rare product in Saracen!
Swarovski Dorado Stones
Most of the stores do not sell this item...

I think this will look great on the metal gel nail art.

Metal Gel Nail Art Instructions

1. Push your cuticles up with a pusher.
2. Sand your nail surface.
3. Clean the dust on your nails with a cleanser.
4. Put one drop of base gel in the middle of your nails.
5. Completely color your nails with base gel.
6. Curing
7. Put on premium top gel
8. Curing
9. Put the metal nail polish on. (DO NOT color it twice or 3 times!)
10. Dry it for 10 ~ 15 seconds.
11. Curing
12. If you want clearer color, repeat steps 9~11.
13. Put on top gel.
14. Curing

I mixed metal color, pink, and white!
I used Honey Pot HB02 Love Letter for this nail art too
because I really love its white color.

Doesn't this look lovely?

Metal Gel Nail Art is soooo easy right?! :D
I used metal stone #7, 12, and 16.
I recommend using different sizes of stones.

Try metal gel nail art for this summer!!

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