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2014년 6월 11일 수요일

[SARANAIL] DD'ell Polish Remover / Aceton Free Remover

Hi everyone!
Today, I'll post about a great product that I love!

This is DD'ell Nail Polish Oil Remover!

Look at my hands...
My skin is peeling off because I used nail polish remover too much... ;(

I went to the doctor many times and took medicines, but they didn't heal T.T
So, I think that this oil remover will help my hands get better!

Its expiration date is 7/6/2015 :)

Clear glass bottle :D

I just LOVEEEEE the clear bottle <3 <3

Do you see the shininess above my cuticle lines?
I didn't put any cuticle oil on my hand!

Let me show you the difference.

Let finger's nail polish is removed with regular nail remover,
and right finger's nail polish is removed with DD'ell Polish Remover.

When I remove the nail polish with regular nail remover,
my nail gets so dry that it scratches my nails.

But look at the right finger!
Nail and cuticle line are covered with oil!

I love this remover!!

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