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2014년 6월 4일 수요일

[SARANAIL] Puppy dog nail art


Puppy easy self nail art!



Hello guys!~
Today, I am going to show you how to draw cute puppy on your nails.
It is pretty easy just follow the steps :)

For this nail, I used all items from saranail honeypot collection
[Honeypot] base gel/ [honeypot] top gel / [honeypot] love letter(white) /
[honeypot] gel polish(black) / [honeypot] pallet / dot stick / a slender-writing brush

 Remove moisture, and cover your nails with base coat.

Color just half of your nails with black.


 Color the other half with white.


Put the white and black on a pallette

Pattern the face with white color.


Draw eyes with dote tip.


Draw black ears, eyes, and lips with a brush.


Cover your nails with top gel.


Finally, seal with top coat

As you can see, you can DIY the designs yourself at home.
Nail art is a fun, simple way to be creative and dangerously addictive.

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