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2014년 6월 13일 금요일

[SARANAIL] Nail Glitter Parts with Awesome Colors :D

Hey guys!
Today, I'll introduce you nail glitter parts!
They're so awesome and pretty :D

These glitter parts are excellent to decorate your nails in summer.

Cases are really cute too!
These are "Ice Gel" brand.

I kept on saying "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" because they were so pretty.

Simple case with a diamond on it!
Colors are beautiful too.

I thought glitter colors would be very dull,
but these colors are gorgeous.

Same glitter size as the previous ones.

DH-13 (S)
This is a smaller one.

Neon colors are the best in summer.

Do you see the stripes?

Left is regular size, and right is smaller one.

Five beautiful colors.

There's orange color also, and I want it so badly ;(

I love these glitter parts~

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