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2014년 6월 18일 수요일

[SARA NAIL] OPI NL F67 / Pearl Navy / OPI Nail Polish / San Francisco Collection

OPI San Francisco Collection NL F67
Hi guys! Today, I'll introduce you a navy color nail polish with pearl inside it.

This pearl and color reminds me of a nighty night...

When I put this nail polish on my nails, the first thing I thought was
"I want to do a SPACE nail art with this color!"

I think it's better to color the pearl nail polish twice because of the pearls.

Middle finger is colored once, and fourth finger is colored twice. :D
See the difference?

You MUST put the top coat on for more shiny look.

Look at this pearl!
So beautiful  that I'm going to cry T.T

I like its simplicity compared to glitters that you glue it onto your nails.
Simple, but beautiful.

It looks like I'm looking at night sky's aurora... :D

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