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2014년 6월 23일 월요일

[SARA NAIL] Nipper Grip / Nipper Cap / Chopper Cap

Hey guys! This is Chanel! How are you doing? :D

South Korea's weather is very changeable these days,
but I hope you guys all over the world are enjoying your summer weather!

Also, enjoy the WORLD CUP!

Recently, I bought a nipper grip and nipper cap.
I have huge hands, so small nippers get slippery in my hand all the time.
And I finally bought these nipper grips!

Slipperiness prevention nipper handles (pink)

This product costs about 3,000 KRW (about US$3.00).

I also bought this cap!
Chopper character from Japanese animation One PIece XD sooo cute!

Made with rubber and very flexible.

On the handle, there are these little bumps to prevent slipperiness.

The old nipper cap that I used.
I used too much that it got a little lose... :(
This cap came off and the nipper poked me so many times!!!

Put the nipper grip on the nipper like this.

Now it fits my huge hands!

Chopper is so cute!

Now I can remove the cuticles on my hand with the nipper slippering in my hand.

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