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2014년 6월 19일 목요일

[SARA NAIL] P-001 / Glory Nail / Glory Nail Locker / Self-nail art / Nail Polish

Hello everyone!

This is Chanel from Sara Nail.
Today, I want to introduce you another nail polish color that I LOVE!

NEW Glory Nail Polish!

Glory Nail Polish is famous for its eco-friendliness.
This brand does not use any animal ingredients,
so it is really safe.

Also, it does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, or any hazardous ingredients.

I have 6 of these, but I'll show you just one color because I have too many pictures! T.T

Lemon Neon color!


Looking from outside, it looked like a clear yellow color, so I thought 
this nail polish would be painting type.

However, it was watery!
If I color it once, it becomes a see-through color.

I colors my nails 3 times for this picture.

I think this color would look great for those of you with short finger nails. :D

Nice neon color to put on during summer!!!!
I strongly recommend this color >.<

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