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2014년 6월 24일 화요일

[SARA NAIL] Neon Self Nail Art / Beautiful Nail Art for Spring/Summer

Good morning everyone!
This is Sanel from Saranail.

Did you have nice Mondays at work/school/etc?
Well, I actually had a bad Monday because in Brazil World Cup,
 Korea lost by 4:2 to Algery this morning...
;( I was so sad when I found out the score in the morning... 

To cheer my self up, I did a neon self nail art!!

I decorated it very simple with just 2 colors with glitter!
Bling bling

The nail polish I used is Lux Gel Nail Polish.

The art on my fourth finger is said to be really famous,
but it doesn't have a name...

Flowing feeling and color gradation is the point for this art.
It looks like a seaweed to me...

The ribbon on my fourth finger is a famous product in Sara Nail.
It becomes out-of-stock really fast during summer.

This is my friend's nails that I did!

I like the stripes on the thumb.

Why don't you try these nail arts?!

Have a nice day everyone! :D

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