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2013년 8월 1일 목요일

MUST GO Attractions in Seoul! [Myeong-dong,Times Square,63 city]

August has come!
I had my summer vacation last month and it was really fun.  
What's your plans for summer vacation?

If you can or If you have no plans yet,
I suggest visiting Seoul :) 
Today, I'm going to show some places to go in Seoul
and I hope this will help you when you visit Seoul! 

 photo from
photo from
This is Myeong-dong where all the cosmetic and fashion stores are located! It is one of largest shopping place in Seoul, Korea and lots of foreigners, travelers are visiting here.
(Sara Nail is near Myeong dong!)

Times Square Seoul
photo from
photo from
Times Square is one of the biggest shopping malls in Seoul,Korea. It is located in Yeongdeungpo and It's connected to Shinsegye department. 

63 city
photo from
63 city
photo from
63 City is one of famous landmark in Seoul. It has its aquarium, observation deck, wax museum and some nice restaurant. 

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