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2013년 9월 23일 월요일

[SARA NAIL] want to do Simple Paisley nail art? let's find How to Do Paisley Nails with SaraNail Tutorial

Hey-ho! Hi!! I'm finally back!!  kekekekekekekekek!!
last week, there are traditional holiday seasons in Korea. And I ate a lot of fatty food.... 
(I was already worried about being a pig T_T)
Anyway! But I had a great time during that time looking at the full moon and making a wish for losing weight!! XD  
Simple Paisley nail
Anyway, a long word from the beginning! well, 
I have a SaraNail Tutorial for Simple Paisley nail art! How about that?   
Simple Paisley nail
 Paisley Water decals!!!!!!!! actually, I bought them from Saranail. :)  
Simple Paisley nail
 And this is OPI NL 64 
Simple Paisley nail
 First off, I applied white color from the beginning.  
Simple Paisley nail
 Then cut off the water decals in a proper size and apply them. :)  
But, don't forget to put the decals in the water for a short moment. 
Simple Paisley nail
 Ta-da! looks better, I think? But it was hard to cut it in size. :( 
I'm not good at cutting. 
Simple Paisley nail
 After putting a few drops of OPI color on the foil, and apply with a dotting tool. :)
Simple Paisley nail
Finished! Yup! =) 
It's like you can feel Autumn with the wine color and paisley decals, I guess? 

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