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2013년 9월 3일 화요일

gold or silver metallic nail polish to look pretty and attractive.

gold nail polish
You like metallic nail? When I visit Sara Nail shop in Korea, there are lots of metallic nail polish stickers in the store. Unfortunately, people also do metallic nail art through them.
But, there are some nail tips without the metallic stickers! cuz there are lots of nail polish ingredients for metallic nail!! 
gold nail polish
 I prepared Gel glitter polish. for use, please use a sponge to rub the polish 2 to 3 times
gold nail polish
And use a brush to rub the glitter as well, Now is time to apply!!
gold nail polish
 Ta-da! What is the color like? If you like a gold nail polish, you can use it on your nails :) 
silver nail polish
 This is normal glitters. just scatter them on the foil widely with a polish brush.
silver nail polish
 The left picture is when you just apply the glitters
The right one is when you apply them after using on the foil
a little different when it comes to the color on your nail, I think? :) 
color stones
 If you want to look more attractive, then use color stones!!
Do you have in mind among the stones?  
gold nail polish

 I just did metallic nail polish with Gold and Silver color by myself to look like a flower. 
How about mine? And What about yours? 
Beside the nail art pictures above, you can make your nail designs on your own 
 For your beauty nails, Saranail always cheers nail lovers for their pretty nails.
See ya! 


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