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2013년 9월 19일 목요일

OPI BROWN Nail Polish, OPI nail arts, how to make brown nail polish

OPI BROWN Nail Polish
San Francisco Collection by OPI NL F65!
I'd like to introduce the brown nail polish 2013 that everyone is wondering about!!
OPI BROWN Nail Polish
unlike other nail polish, this doesn't contain pearls 
OPI BROWN Nail Polish
 After you apply them to your nails, you notice a grain of nail polish on them. :) 
OPI BROWN Nail Polish
 This is when you put it with one coat 
OPI BROWN Nail Polish
 With two coats, you may feel like sand nails strongly because the color of it becomes more grayer. 
OPI BROWN Nail Polish

I highly recommend to you that it goes nicely with stone nails on your fingers. 
after curing as a whole, you can complete the nail art with one pearl! :D 
This is OPI BROWN Nail Polish~~!! XD

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