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2013년 9월 5일 목요일

gradient nail arts, gradient nail tutorial, how to do gradient nail polish

How did you go? Well, for those who want to do gradient nail art, 
I prepared a Youtube video for you to do and follow the way of using it easily. <3

 gradient nail art
Today is Gradient nail polish with sponge. Let's check out how it goes! 
Here we go~XD
 gradient nail art
First of all, arrange sponges for gradation and a foil
 gradient nail tutorial
Apply strong colors in turn on the gradient sponge. 
 gradient nail art
dab it on the foil several times to be mixed naturally
 gradient nail art
then apply it to your nails from one side to the opposite way for gradation
 gradient nail art
a little dry with two coats in the same way. 
 gradient nail art
Then apply it again. :)
 gradient nail art
With a piece of paper tower, clean it off around your nails. And go apply the nude syrup with one coat.
 gradient nail art
Done!! isn't it beautiful?, is it? 
To be able to do gradient nail designs, you have to use a sponge for a color you want. 
Following the tutorial above, and do gradient nails!! 



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