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2013년 9월 27일 금요일

Cat nail art, DIY nail tutorial without cat nail decals

Let's learn how to do cat nails without cat nail decals!   
Cat nail art
I've done the cat nail! My friend and I over at Saranail Academy have put together a simple nail art so you too can get the cat nails. It's not a little like applying temporary tattoos to my nails. Normally cats are so cute and fluffy. so I bring the cute creatures in a little more difficult nail art design that I hope Saranail fellows cat ladies and nail polish addicts alike can enjoy!  
Cat nail art
When I saw this picture with a little more searching, I instantly knew I had to figure out how to do those nails. Well, anything you can print, you can put on your nails! 
Cat nail art
 What you will need is just prepare for your cat face designs somewhere and measure your nails and re-size cat image. then paint them to fit on your nails. 
Cat nail art
 Also, you can simply download and print the cat images online. then cut out the designs, trimming as close as possible to apply them to your nails! 
Then repeat for all ten nails, but don't forget to paint with top coat.  

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