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2013년 9월 6일 금요일

LACE DOT Nail Arts to go nicely with your clothes in fall

LACE DOT nails

For fall nails arts, I have lace dot nail arts to go nicely with my clothes which look gorgeous and terrific!

How about this clothes? Looks gorgeous? <3
This is I was gonna try wearing when I go out! XD
LACE DOT nails
You may notice my RED nails which really fit into my clothes in fall, don't you?  
LACE DOT nails
 Ta-da! my original nails~! How about that? Looks pretty? Thanks =)
Before that, you should apply a gel base item to be polished before doing curing  
LACE DOT nails
 This is NL F 59 COLOR NAIL LACQUER!!!!!
which is also one of a series of O.P.I San Francisco Collection. 
LACE DOT nails
 Apply it to all your nails like this 
LACE DOT nails
 Also, I had white lace stickers!! kekekek!! XD
LACE DOT nails
 cut it off comparing to your nail size 
LACE DOT nails
 With a pair of tweezers, put it on your nail from the middle at first. 
Then apply them side by side. 
LACE DOT nails
 Done!! But this is not the end! One more thing!!
LACE DOT nails
 Prepare a dotting tool with white color 
It's better for you to have it in a smaller size.
LACE DOT nails
 with the same way, use and put it on your nails from the middle and apply :)
It's quite nice in Autumn, I think? 
Let's try that~!!


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