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2013년 9월 16일 월요일

Superhero nail arts, How to do batman and superman nails with nail decal stickers

Superhero nail arts
Hello!! When I was young, I used to want to be a superhero on cartoon.
Especially, batman!!!!!! I like the batman, I don't know but.. um... I really like a symbol of the bat shape. 
for nail arts in 2013, I wanna reminisce about the superhero, batman and superman!! 
So, today, why don't you do superhero nail arts with batman and superman? 
superhero nail decals
 For the preparation for them is with super hero nail decals! I like the batman, as I say keke~ XD
Superhero nail arts
 basically, just apply your favorite color to your nails 
Superhero nail arts
Then cut off the stickers to be ready for nail designs!  
Superhero nail arts
 Ta-da! sounds funky and interesting! See the batman manicure? XD
Superhero nail arts
I think this is the easiest nail arts in doing nails with water decals.
Superhero nail arts
Do you imagine another your nail art design pictures with superheroes? 
Then just put this on your fingernails like batman! 

have a good weekend! 

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