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2013년 9월 18일 수요일

fall nail arts to celebrate Korean thanksgiving days with nail lovers.

Korean thanksgiving nail arts

Chuseok is known as Korean thanksgiving day to celebrate the good harvest. It is in middle of autumn and a major harvest festival. 
Koreans usually visit their hometowns and share a feast of Korean traditional food such as songpyeon!!
So, I made Korean thanksgiving nail arts to celebrate our traditional holiday, Chuseok in 2013. 
Korean thanksgiving nail arts
 For fall nail arts, I made it completely matched with the season, Fall. 
It's traditionally famous in Korea to make a wish looking at the full moon for the holidays. XD 
Korean thanksgiving nail arts
 In fall, Korea is famous for sweet persimmons. During the holidays, we've tried to go to the hometown and eat them together. :D
Korean thanksgiving nail arts

This is brief information on Chuseok in Korea. What is your country? 
Tell me about your traditional holidays with nail arts :)

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