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2013년 9월 24일 화요일

OPI PURPLE Nail Polish, OPI purple color nail art with Sara Nail

This is OPI NL F61!!!!

Saranail prepared OPI purple nail polish for you!  
I've introduced several nail polishes with different colors, 
But for today is strong purple! Looks so different when it comes to the color, doesn't it? XD 

 When I first saw the color from the shop, it was so mysterious cuz it's like a dark aurora. 
OPI PURPLE Nail Polish
 I photographed this from the long distance, It's a little black color. 
OPI PURPLE Nail Polish
 Expecting having ma nails polished!! 
OPI PURPLE Nail Polish
 This is a coat with it. The edges from ma nails are a little brighter. :D
OPI PURPLE Nail Polish
And it's two coats shot!!!!!! 
The color is so dark that it's different from the one coat. 
Under the light, it's getting red, very marvelous, isn't it? XD
OPI PURPLE Nail Polish
It looks better when you see it away from them. 
If you have short nails, then it can go nicely with you, I think? :)

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