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2013년 9월 2일 월요일

Nacre flower nail arts, Nacre flowers on your nails

Hello, Nacre flower nails!!
Have you seen the Nacre flowers on your nails?  
Actually, I've seen many flowers like a rose, cosmos, tulip, and so on. 
(There are many nacre flowers along with the roadside in autumn in Korea)
So, for today's flower nail art, I have a special flower nail art!! 
Curious about nacre flower! 
you may hear of it for the first time but, by now you can see it. :)

flower nail arts
First off, put the real flowers in the acrylic liquid

flower nail arts
Apply a certain amount of while pearl glitter to the clear gel

flower nail arts
Mix the white nacres with the clear gel and apply them to your nail.

flower nail arts
pick up the real flower and remove water. Then put them on your nail. :)

flower nail arts
Overlay the clear gel

flower nail arts
Done!! This is Nacre flower nail! 
What do you think of it? isn't it beautiful? 
Let's try that!! XD

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