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2013년 3월 25일 월요일

Frenznail Crayon Colors! Vivid and Clean :)

Frenznail Crayon Colors

Hello :) This updating is about New Colors of Frenznail
one of my favorite nail polish!
The new colors are launched and I got 2 of them >< 
This Frenznail is very easy to use, 
because you only do 1 coat, and it'll look like you do 2 times!

Frenznail Crayon Color
Pink colors

Frenznail Crayon Color
Red colors

Frenznail Crayon Color
Blue colors

Frenznail Crayon Color
Strong colors!

I love them all, but this time,
 I'm going to do nail works with these babies-

Frenznail Crayon Colors

light peach color and yellow!

These are *fluorescent* colors, so it would be more unique!
I was going to mix other colors that are nor fluorescent, 
because I was afraid to do wow colors.. but..

Frenznail Crayon Colors

no worries at all!
These are not 'too much neon color' and I even love them more!

Frenznail Crayon Colors

I tried line french.

Frenznail Crayon Colors

And Polka dots! 
I love dots.. ah, what can I say, I am a dot loves ><

Frenznail Crayon Colors

Frenznail is so good!
I hope my nail lover bloggers will try them *:)

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