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2013년 2월 7일 목요일

Polka dot Wave Nail art, Pink & Blue Nail Art

Introducing cute and simple nail art with 
baby blue and soft pink color!
You will just make some dots with dot stick. 
Polka dots never get bored :)

Blue and Pink looks so good together !
I also want to try pink & gray combination 
yellow and blue, black and white .. so on! 
what do you think? what's your favorite combination colors?

This is the colors- click to see details :)

1. base coat and base color! 
apply color polish twice so it looks vivid and clean :)
2. French with another color and apply it twice.
(pick whatever you like!)
3. Use your dot stick, and dot on the border line. 
And then some more on the another color side.
4. with another color, do step 3 again! 
5. apply top coat!

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