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2013년 2월 1일 금요일

Self Nail Care at Home! with Nail Polisher

Introducing Nail Polisher!
You can make your nail clean and shiny at home :)

Refleu Nail Polisher
It's pink and slim size, 
so you can carry it in your pouch or nail bag.
Before you color your nails, this will be very helpful for more beautiful art :) 

Just put tool and push the button.
It sounds a bit loud, but the power is 
just good enough to care yourself, 
Don't worry :p

These 3 tools are included!

And AAA size battery needed. the case can contain the tools,
so it is really convenient to carry around! 

E-mail us to
Call 82 070 4495 3040
   Fax 82 02 755 5591 

댓글 2개:

  1. Wow! This tool looks very useful!!

    1. Thank you!
      It's a thin and simple tool, but very useful :)


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