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2013년 2월 4일 월요일

Nail Patches, How to use Nail Patches

Nail Patches made by Korea company! :)
Do you have nail patches? These are so comfortable to use 
and easy to take off!
SO much easier than nail polishes, 
so I am addicted to patches these days.

See how many patterns and colors! 
Of course there are more kinds, and I'm going to use pink one today! Next time, I think I'll try that leopard patterns ;)

Color your nails and cut a patch you want to use.
and Put on your nails, fold the patch to cut and make it good shape with file.
Make sure push the patch so it doesn't get wrinkles! 

Push it and pull the rest of patches which will be cut, 
Use your wood file and sharp the edge of your nail. 
It will be cute easily!  

How to Use Patch Sticker

1. Apply base coat
2. Apply white color one coat and after dry apply two coats again
3. Using scissor trim the nail sticker to the natural nail
4. Peel the nail sticker off the backing film
5. Place the nail sticker to the nail
6. Peel the nail sticker off the backing film
7. Remove remain the paper and film
8. Use your thumb press down the nail sticker
9. Using file to fit the nail sticker
10. Finish with topcoat

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