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2012년 10월 11일 목요일

Frenznail, School of Rock ! Vivid & Colorful Polish

Frenznail Rock12 dark brown nail polish

This polish, Frenz Nail 'Color Talk' school of Rock collection, is so colorful and easy to make sharp color with just one coat! I actually apply it once and that's what I got! Isn't it amazing? I really like the deep color of Rock12. Color Talk polish line of Frenznail has 168 colors and it dries quickly. Also with its soft brush, you can use it with clean, pretty finish.

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I'd love to try yellow and green polish! (well, all of them are so pretty!)I'll post other Frenznail polish products if I get the chance! I am so happy with this polish!

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  1. lovely colors, especially the greens and blues :D

    1. Isn't it? :) thank you for visiting my blog !
      - sara


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