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2012년 10월 16일 화요일

Unique Nail Art : Touch your smart phone with this!

Smartphone Touch Nail Tip

Good Afternoon, Ladies~  Is a day boring to you? 
If so, Here is my suggestion to refresh!

You might have been frustrated due to iPhone come because you could not use you index finger anymore. 

you don't need to worry about that!

i Touch Nail

i Touch will give you a new smart phone experience!

How to be effectual

1. Conductible side
2. Air spacer
3. Touch film
4. CNT

How to use

First, Choose one of Index, middle, ring fingers 
i Touch nail has touch film fixed position and its length can not be changed.

Interested in Buying?

Click above photo to see details and purchasing.

E-mail us to
Call 82 070 4495 3040
Fax 82 02 755 5591

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