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2013년 8월 23일 금요일

Protrans Nail Art, Magazine nails, DIY Nail Art

Protrans Nail Art
If you have a magazine, you may wonder how it's applied on your nail. 
and it's possible to make your nail high-quality with it. 
curious? Let's get started! :D
Protrans Nail Art
 Cut out the part you want on a magazine or a newspaper. and apply top coat
Protrans Nail Art
And cut it out scissors in a proper size
Protrans Nail Art
 put it in a cup with tepid water to swell
Protrans Nail Art
 Pick it up with a tweezers to softly scratch off unapplied top coat with your nail 
Protrans Nail Art
 Apply it on your nail trimming
Protrans Nail Art
 After one more top coat, and dry it. 
simple to follow, isn't it? XD 
Do it yourself~!!!!!!

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