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2013년 8월 8일 목요일

Marine Kitty nail art, Cute Kitty nail polish

 You know the Hello Kitty character? 
When I was young, I wanted to have the cute cat character all the time. 
But this time, we're gonna offer you to have it on your nail. :)

Let's do Hello Kitty nail !!  :3
Cute Kitty nail
At first, let's see what the kitty is like. Then prepare light blue color for this. 
Cute Kitty nail
Apply 2 light blue color coats and do curing.
Cute Kitty nail
Draw a rough sketch with black color around the Kitty
Cute Kitty nail
With prepared red, light blue color, make a ribbon and tube
Cute Kitty nail
Also, make eyes and whiskers with black color and a nose with yellow one. 
Cute Kitty nail
Finish! you may feel hard for this to be done cuz you should be careful when you draw the Kitty firstly. But, lighten up!! 

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