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2013년 8월 14일 수요일

DIAMI DP 151, DIAMI nail lacquer

Hi, guys!! When I shop around the nail store, I found my favorite one!!

This is..............

Ta-da!!!!!!   DIAMI DP 151!! 

This is a silver pearl nail, quite different from other nail products, I promise. :D  
 on forefinger and middle finger, I just applied a few, 
and I put just one coat on ring finger and little one. 
What do you think? isn't it wonderful? XD 
 Can you see the glitters?
It's so small then you can make and show a different mood on your nail. :)
This is when you apply two coats!! 
 Look super pretty!!  love the first one more though, personally. I'm a total sucker for the silver glitter!!<3

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  1. How nice, you have the cutest hands and nails ever! Great blog. Love from France xo


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