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2013년 8월 12일 월요일

Plaid Nail Art, Luminous nail polish!

Luminous plaid nail art
Hello, did you have a good weekend? As summer is in full swing, I can't even sleep at night without the air conditioner on during the weekend. :( (Korea is so hot, hot! >_<) 
How about your country? :) 
For this summer, I've also prepared Plaid nail art for all of Sara Nail lovers! 
Let's see how it can be easily made! :D
Luminous plaid nail art
The point is that you should put on the stones and pay careful attention to lines. 
That's it, simple~ isn't it? XD 
With this liner, you'll be able to draw anything on your nail :) 
Luminous plaid nail art
 It's very easy to follow. you just make triangles and rectangles 
then mix colors well.
Luminous plaid nail art
 It's free to draw everything. just make and draw what you like. 
Luminous plaid nail art
There are a variety of colors with different stones.  
Luminous plaid nail art
 I've chosen purple and orange one to balance the feeling of colors. 
Luminous plaid nail art
DONE! So easy to follow, doesn't it? :)

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