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2014년 1월 27일 월요일

Pink Color Nail Art/ Pink Ribbon Jewelry Nail Parts/ Gradation Nail Art/ Easy to Follow Nail Art

Hello, everyone :D
Every time I see new ribbon nail parts, I have to draw in my breath.

I love ribbon shaped elements, but the things that I love much more than them are Pink colored ribbons.
haha :>
So, today, I wanna share a nail art using pink colored ribbon elements and pink colored nail polish with everyone.   

Nail Deco Parts Ribbon No.131
It is easy to attach because of the curve they have.
A part is consisted of jewelries that have 3 different colors. 
I bought Pink one. 
If it is summer now, I would consider between blue one and pink one.

I did gradation using a sponge on the tips and used three round diamond shaped jewelry elements on the first tip from left side of the picture. Also I did marvel nail art painting two line of heart shapes on the first one from right side of the picture.

I`m starving now, wanna grab a bite something. haha :D
Everybody, Have a good day, Bye :>

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