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2013년 4월 8일 월요일

Sara's Youtube class! Gradation Nail Art and water decal!

Have you visited our Youtube channel?
If you haven't, please click the tap above and see our videos!
This is one of our video by our nail art instructor :)

It's a gradation nail art as you all know how to do it,
 but she (our instructor) added a water decal on it ><

1. cover base coat to protect your nail

2. put some colors you want to make gradation art on the sponge

3. pat your nails lightly with the sponge

4. wait for it to dried, and pat it one more time
(2 coats!)

5. after dry a little bit, put the water decal into water

6. stay in water for 10-15 secs, 
and use your pincette to take off the water decal 

7. put water decals and apply top coat!

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