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2013년 4월 17일 수요일

Fresh Yellow & Mint Two-tone nail art

Yellow & Mint  nail art

 What's your favorite color combo?
To me, it was yellow & light blue and pink and gray
but, YELLOW and MINT color combo also cool!
After I saw this nail art work, now I am into  yellow&mint color combo! :)  

Also I heard that mint color is now new trend color
for this spring/summer season. 
It will be good to have mint color polish!

Yellow & Mint  nail art

I want that dot patterns! 
I would try simple nails with these 2 colors and dots 
for  one nail.

These are Frenznail color polish. Their colors are so vivid and strong 
so that we only cover one time and it shows as we do 2 coats!
These are my favorite color polishes :)

Yellow & Mint  nail art

This is tutorial. nail brush is so useful.

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